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Solar Energy is one of the most reliable forms of renewable energy available. Sizing solar systems to provide the most cost-effective energy solution is our expertise. The versatility of Sycamore Energy’s solar power solutions generate the right amount, and type of energy for your needs.

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Depending on our customer’s needs the Sycamore Solution uses a variety of horizontal axis wind turbines and vertical axis wind turbines. Sycamore Energy strongly recommends a wind resource assessment to properly evaluate a specific location’s exact wind patterns.

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Solar Charge

Offer people access to free, clean power for their mobile devices and identify your space as a haven for forward thinkers. The station will draw users to your location and allow them to stay longer, share their experience and feel empowered with responsible energy choices.

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Flexible Financing

Why commit capital to non-core activities? Our customers know their own business best, and diverting precious capital away from activities that drive your business can be challenging. Sycamore Energy has partnered with Polaris Leasing to offer a wide range of options to purchase.

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Sycamore Energy has developed a unique product and service called the “Sycamore Solution” which is what separates us from everyone else in the renewable energy world. Sycamore will not install anything that we wouldn’t want to own and operate, so whether the equipment is owned by our customer or Sycamore, the customer is confident in the quality of products and workmanship.

Milestones & Achievements

Our first eight years and counting...
  • It All Begins With Global Wind Group

    It always start's in a idea to build urban wind farms on top of all the 'unused roof top real estate' in metropolitan centers. The start up was born!

  • Manitoba Venture Challenge Finalist

    Our very first attempt and pitching our idea and plan to a panel of experts and investors. After several rounds of pitching GWG was awarded 4th place out of over a dozen participants.

  • Spirit of Winnipeg Award Finalist

    After being selected out of 50 nominees, GWG was chosen as a small business finalist for the first annual 2010 Spirit of Winnipeg Awards sponsored by BDO and the WCC.

  • MEIA Award Winner

    GWG won the 1st Annual Green Dragon's Lair which offers select local Manitoba entrepreneurs and innovators the opportunity to pitch their product to a panel of judges.

  • Sycamore Energy is Born

    To meet the growing demand for a wide variety of renewable energy equipment, Global Wind Group Inc. formed the subsidiary and now operate as Sycamore Energy Inc.

  • CBC Dragons Den Appearance

    In May 2011 the founders of Sycamore traveled to Toronto to pitch in front of the award winning entrepreneurial television show CBC Dragons Den investors including Kevin O'Leary and Robert Herjavec.

  • First Micro Wind Installation with the US Army

    Five 5kW vertical-axis wind turbines were installed at a U.S. Army facility in Fort Riley, Kansas. This was Sycamore's largest installation to date and first install of it's kind with the US Army.

  • Largest Roof Mount Solar Install in Winnipeg

    The Manitoba Paddling Association installed the largest roof mounted Solar PV system in Winnipeg. This was a great opportunity to showcase this technology and work on a project in our 'own backyard'.

  • NRG Street Charge Arrives in Canada

    Sycamore Energy became the preferred Canadian distributor for the award winning NRG Solar Street Charge. Dubbed 'the modern phone booth,' use this to charge your phone with the sun.

Current Projects

This is the list of our recent work which we have done

NRG Street Charge

London, Ontario

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Recent News & Posts

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  • London, Ontario - Downtown London is now home to Canada’s first public solar powered device chargers. Londoners and visitors will be able to power up phones, tablets, or other devices at two locations downtown; at the corner of Richmond Street and Central Avenue on Richmond Row, and another outside the Covent Garden Market.
  • The Forks, Winnipeg – A first in Canada, The Forks now has a stand-alone, solar mobile charging station available to the public. Sycamore Energy Inc. (Sycamore), a designer, installer and distributor of renewable energy products, recently installed the system outside the Tower Atrium at The Forks. “As part of our Target Zero
  • Energy Policy: Is Canada’s current energy policy low on power? What steps must Canada take to become a world leader in the full life cycle of energy – from extraction, usage, recycling to disposal? What role can Manitoba play on the national stage to drive Canada’s energy policy? Guests: Alex Stuart (VP of
  • Winnipeg, MB – Winnipeg-based Sycamore Energy inc. in partnership with The Manitoba Paddling Association announced today that it has installed the largest roof mounted solar photovoltaic system in Manitoba, consisting of a 7.5 kW panel system on the Winnipeg facility, and 7 kW on the Selkirk facility. “Through generous fundi

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What Our Customers Say

  • RRC has had the opportunity to work with Sycamore on renewable energy applied research projects over the years. They have always maintained a high level of quality and professionalism in their work, and have been proven to be very open to suggestions and advice for achieving their goals.

    - Rob Spewak, Research Manager

    Red River College

  • In general Global Wind Group Inc. has been professional to work with, and the quality of the work performed to date has been excellent.

    - Garth Rogerson, CEO

    Red River Exhibition

  • These solar installations provide a unique experience for the public to interact firsthand with the technological innovation being developed by businesses right here in Winnipeg. Sycamore is a great example of a local company leading the charge on renewable energy and gives us all an indication that even greater advances in this sector are on the way.
    - Dave Angus, President &

    Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce