Solar Powered Mobile Charging Station Arrives at The Forks

The Forks, Winnipeg – A first in Canada, The Forks now has a stand-alone, solar mobile charging station available to the public. Sycamore Energy Inc. (Sycamore), a designer, installer and distributor of renewable energy products, recently installed the system outside the Tower Atrium at The Forks.

“As part of our Target Zero goals, we are working towards reducing our impact on the earth and this is one more innovation that gets us closer,” says Paul Jordan, Chief Executive Officer, The Forks. “People are always looking for places to plug in their devices and now they can while using solar energy.”

The Solar Street Charge is powered by solar panels and can charge up to six mobile devices at once. The solar mobile charging units work day or night, in sun or shade. During the day, three mono-crystalline solar panels collect the sun’s energy to charge up powerful internal batteries. This enables Sycamore to power up phones, tablets, and other devices quickly – even when the sun isn’t shining.

“Since almost everyone carries a mobile device, people are asking for charging stations in public spaces. The Solar Street Charger is a timely product to be introducing to the Canadian marketplace,” says Justin Phillips, President, Sycamore. “This is the modern phone booth and Sycamore is excited to fill such an important public need.”

The Solar Street Charge represents an important step towards integrating renewable energy into public life. Sycamore expects to see more of these units available for use in the coming months.

About Target Zero
Target Zero is The Forks green initiative with a goal to reduce our carbon emissions to as close to zero as possible. We are working hard to reduce our impact on the Earth and taking every step we can to implement innovative and responsible environmental practices.

About Sycamore Energy
Sycamore Energy Inc. ( is a Winnipeg, Manitoba based Clean Technology Company. Sycamore is a renewable energy project developer, and is the master Canadian distributor for the Solar Street Charge. Sycamore Energy’s value proposition is to bring the customer dependable, renewable energy at the best possible price.


For more information call:
Justin Phillips,
President, Sycamore
(204) 880- 9998

Chelsea Thomson
Manager, Marketing and Communications,
The Forks North Portage Partnership
p: 204.987.4374 | c: 204.291.9444

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