Largest Roof Mounted Solar Install in Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB – Winnipeg-based Sycamore Energy inc. in partnership with The Manitoba Paddling Association announced today that it has installed the largest roof mounted solar photovoltaic system in Manitoba, consisting of a 7.5 kW panel system on the Winnipeg facility, and 7 kW on the Selkirk facility.

“Through generous funding provided by the Manitoba Government, the Manitoba Paddling Association is proud to be taking this leadership role in sustainable development.” says Jerome Seremak, head of the Manitoba Paddling Association.

These solar PV systems have added to the recently upgraded geothermal heat pumps in use at both the paddling club’s Manitoba locations. To the best of our knowledge this is also a Manitoba first, where an organization is using both solar photovoltaic energy, and ground heat to reduce their ecological footprint to the greatest extent possible.

“We are hopeful this project is the start of a realization in Manitoba that we have the local expertise to install professional solar panel systems, there are customers eager for the technology, and the only thing missing is a little push from the government. We are where the geothermal industry was 10 years ago before they got their subsidies in place.” says Alex Stuart Executive Vice-President of Sycamore Energy Inc.

About Sycamore Energy Inc.

Sycamore Energy Inc. is a privately owned Manitoba renewable energy utility specializing in solar photovoltaics and micro wind turbines. Sycamore Energy has been in business since 2012 with successful projects in Manitoba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahamas, Australia and several U.S. states.

About The Manitoba Paddling Association

The Manitoba Paddling Association is the Provincial Sport Governing Body for competitive canoe, kayak and dragon boat in Manitoba. The clubs offer year-round programs for youth and adults to maintain fitness and have fun on and off the water.

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