London’s Downtown Powers Up With Canada’s First Ever Solar Street Chargers

London, Ontario – Downtown London is now home to Canada’s first public solar powered device chargers. Londoners and visitors will be able to power up phones, tablets, or other devices at two locations downtown; at the corner of Richmond Street and Central Avenue on Richmond Row, and another outside the Covent Garden Market.

“When someone’s phone battery is about to die, they often go home,” says Janette MacDonald, General Manager and CEO of Downtown London. “These charging stations add to our vibrant public spaces and allow visitors, shoppers or diners to have a longer, more convenient experience downtown.”

The Solar Street Chargers can charge up to six mobile devices at once. The units work day or night and in sun or shade. During the day, three mono-crystalline solar panels collect the sun’s energy to charge up powerful internal batteries. This allows the units to power devices quickly even when the sun isn’t shining. The street chargers are another step towards London becoming a “smart city.”

The Solar Street Charger technology was first piloted in New York City during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to bring power to areas most devastated. Today, the charging stations have become popular permanent fixtures in New York City’s public spaces.

Sycamore Energy, a designer, installer, and distributor of renewable energy products, installed the chargers in downtown London.

“Since almost everyone carries a mobile device, people are asking for charging stations in public spaces,” says Justin Phillips, President of Sycamore Energy. “The Solar Street Charger is a timely product to be introducing to the Canadian marketplace. This is the modern phone booth and Sycamore is excited to fill such an important public need.”

Please visit the corner of Central Ave and Richmond Street on Tuesday June 30th at 12noon for a photo op and demonstration of the chargers.

For more information, please contact:

Gerald Gallacher

Board Chair for the London Downtown Business Association

519-673-1190 ext.124

Cell: 519-619-4941


Justin Phillips

President, Sycamore Energy Inc.


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