NRG Street Charge® Solar Charging Stations

NRG Street Charge® Stations charges mobile devices with the speed of the outlet, and the renewability of the sun. As your users recharge, custom signage and cutting-edge technology remind them they’re in a place that’s at the forefront of clean energy innovation. See the many applications which this could be used.

NRG Street Charge® Solar Charging Station Energize Your Crowd With Clean, Free Power

  • Green spaces & parks
  • Tourist attractions
  • Universities & colleges
  • Sport stadiums
  • Campgrounds
  • Municipalities
  • Bus stops
  • ...and many others

NRG Street Charge®

NRG Street Charge® Stations can make your location more than a destination.
  • They get power
  • You get credit
  • Built in cords
  • Solar panels
  • Battery storage
  • Secure base
  • Drop in solution
  • Revenue generator
  • Attractive design
  • Own this for as little as $300 per monthContact Us

Know How Videos

Promo, Assembly and AT&T Case Study

NRG Street Charge® Image Gallery

Hang out, share stories and charge your phone using renewable energy