Sycamore Energy believes the time to go solar is now. There are many reasons to go solar and below are just a few examples:

1. Solar power benefits the environment.
Our need for electricity will never go away. The sun comes up and the sun goes down. Let’s use this natural resource to power up our lives.

2. Solar energy helps you save money.
The levelized cost of electricity is currently cheaper than most jurisdictions electricity rates.

3. Solar power helps you be independent of electricity.
Current utilities are in control of the rates that you pay. Take control of your electricity costs by installing your own source of production. Take the volatility of rate increases into your own hands.

4. Solar panels are easy and safe to install.
Efficient solar panels have no moving parts making them durable, they’re easy to install, require very little maintenance and look great!

5. Solar energy can be used anytime of the day.

6. Solar energy is the future.
If someone told you 25 years ago, that everyone would have a smart phone in their hands, the majority would have laughed at that statement. Sycamore Energy is confident that 25 years from now, the majority of us will have solar technology powering our homes, businesses and farms.

As of Tuesday, 21st January 2020
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