Bigbelly Solar Trash Compactor available through Sycamore Energy

Winnipeg company is a Canadian Distribution Partner for the trash-munching product

Winnipeg — February 10 th , 2018 — Do you have an appetite for waste reduction and alternative energy?

The Bigbelly Solar Trash Compactor could satisfy your craving, and it’s available in Canada through
Sycamore Energy.

Sycamore Energy is a leading solar energy provider based in Winnipeg. They’re also a Canadian
distribution partner for the innovative Bigbelly product.

The Bigbelly Solar Trash Compactor can accommodate five times the amount of waste as a conventional public trash container. Each time the unit gets close to capacity, the solar-powered compactor compresses the waste, making room for more.

The Bigbelly is also equipped with a cellular connection, so it can communicate back to its owners
through a smart phone app that it’s full and ready to be emptied. This ensures pick-ups can be
scheduled only when needed, saving time and resources.

“Municipalities, businesses and other users can save money and reduce waste with the Bigbelly Solar
Trash Compactor,” says Justin Phillips, Co-Founder & CEO of Sycamore Energy. “We’re very happy to help bring this clean, green technology to Canada and already see it in action.”

The Bigbelly is deployed in communities, campuses, and organizations in over 50 countries. In addition
to smart, green waste and recycling solutions, the Bigbelly platform can also provide public WIFI
hotspots, urban sensors, small cell and wireless equipment, and other communications infrastructure.

Sycamore Energy recently installed the first Bigbelly in Manitoba as part of a pilot project funded by the
City of Winnipeg Community Incentive Grant and the Transcona Business Improvement Zone (BIZ).

For more information, contact:
Justin Phillips, President, Sycamore Energy Inc.