Sycamore Energy Proposes Future of Solar in Manitoba

Winnipeg, October 9, 2018 – What is the future of solar energy in Manitoba? Sycamore Energy, the province’s leading provider of solar design and installation, provides some answers to that question in a major report released today. The White Paper: Future of Solar in Manitoba comes six months after Manitoba Hydro’s 2-year PowerSmart Solar Energy… Read more »

Bigbelly Solar Trash Compactor available through Sycamore Energy

Winnipeg — February 10 th , 2018 — Do you have an appetite for waste reduction and alternative energy? The Bigbelly Solar Trash Compactor could satisfy your craving, and it’s available in Canada through Sycamore Energy. Sycamore Energy is a leading solar energy provider based in Winnipeg. They’re also a Canadian distribution partner for the… Read more »

Solar Manitoba flips switch on largest solar power project in the province

Winnipeg — Tuesday, June 27, 2017 — A Manitoba farmer is powering his property with the largest solar energy installation in the province. The milestone project will eliminate Wim Verbruggen’s Hydro bills, thanks to the power of the sun. Solar Manitoba, the province’s largest provider of solar energy design, consulting and installation, installed the 260… Read more »