With lots of year-round sunshine, Manitoba is a great place to make your home energy efficient and start saving money on your Hydro bill with the power of solar. If you want to take advantage of Manitoba’s rebates and subsidies, Sycamore is your preferred full-service provider of choice where every aspect is turn-key.  We will ensure every step is meticulously handled, including the application, permits, installation and final inspections.

Manitoba Hydro Rebate

All goods things come to an end: as of May 1, 2018, the Solar Energy Pilot Program stopped accepting applications.

If you submitted your application before May 1, 2018, you have two years from your approval date to complete the solar installation and file your completion documents. Keep in mind that you must have received approval before you purchase or install your solar system.

The program gives you a cash rebate of $1/watt, so the rebate depends on the size of the system you install. It covers up to a third of the installation costs of a solar photovoltaic system, up to $200,000.

Net Metering – not in Manitoba

In some jurisdictions, you can “bank” the excess power that you produce on a sunny day, and then “borrow” the excess power when you need it on a cloudy day. Under this kind of program, you would be able to earn credit for all the excess energy that you produce and share. Unfortunately, Manitoba Hydro ended their net metering program in 2018.

In Manitoba, your best option today is to right-size a solar system that will contribute to your electricity needs without producing excess energy that would be placed onto the grid. By adopting that strategy, you can increase your return on investment substantially. 

Residential Earth Power Loan

Another program is the Residential Earth Power Loan from Manitoba Hydro. This program will give you up to a $30,000 loan for a home that you own. (It’s not for cottages or businesses, sorry.)

The loan will allow you to add solar power (or make other energy-efficient upgrades) to your home. You don’t have to make a downpayment to Manitoba Hydro. You can take as long as 15 years to pay it off. The monthly payment is bundled into your Hydro bill at a 4.9% interest rate.

The Residential Earth Power Loan allows you to make the upgrade you want, and enjoy a warm, comfortable, energy efficient house, while paying it off over time. For more information on how to calculate payments, please follow this link https://www.hydro.mb.ca/your_home/earth_power_loan/index.shtml

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