Solar Manitoba flips switch on largest solar power project in the province

Manitoba farmer will eliminate hydro bill

Winnipeg — Tuesday, June 27, 2017 — A Manitoba farmer is powering his property with the largest
solar energy installation in the province.
The milestone project will eliminate Wim Verbruggen’s Hydro bills, thanks to the power of the sun.
Solar Manitoba, the province’s largest provider of solar energy design, consulting and installation,
installed the 260 solar panels and other infrastructure on Verbruggen’s farm near Rivers, MB.
The project is producing 70.2 kilowatts of electricity: the largest solar installation in Manitoba to date.
It’s just the latest Solar Manitoba project completed under Manitoba Hydro’s Power Smart Solar Energy

Program, which offers a rebate of $1000 per kilowatt on residential and commercial solar power
installations. That could cover up to 25 per cent of the up-front cost.
Hydro’s residential Earth Power Loan can also offer 4.9 per cent financing to cover the rest of the cost of installation, up to $30,000.

“This is just the latest project to show the value of solar energy in Manitoba,” says Justin Phillips,
President of Solar Manitoba’s parent company, Sycamore Energy. “With Hydro rates set to rise
dramatically, solar is the affordable and renewable energy alternative Manitobans need.”
Last month, Manitoba Hydro applied to the Public Utilities Board for rate increases of 7.9 per cent in
each of the next two years. It also said its long term financial plan includes five years of 7.9 per cent rate

For more information, contact:
Justin Phillips, President, Sycamore Energy Inc.