Sycamore Energy Proposes Future of Solar in Manitoba

Solar Energy Provider Shares Insights, Vision in New White Paper

Winnipeg, October 9, 2018 – What is the future of solar energy in Manitoba?

Sycamore Energy, the province’s leading provider of solar design and installation, provides some answers to that question in a major report released today.

The White Paper: Future of Solar in Manitoba comes six months after Manitoba Hydro’s 2-year PowerSmart Solar Energy rebate program for the installation of new solar systems ended. The program:

  • Drove the installation of more than 1500 solar projects across the province.
  • Created potentially hundreds of jobs

In its report, Sycamore Energy describes the remarkable success of the Powersmart program, and the benefits to the province of continuing to support a growing alternative energy industry, including:

  • Adding resiliency to Manitoba Hydro’s existing power grid
  • Allowing the utility to save money by deferring some capital spending.

Sycamore notes the province’s Made-In Manitoba Climate and Green Plan creates an opportunity to re-introduce a solar energy incentive that would benefit the province and Manitoba Hydro considerably.

The White Paper lays out a road map for the future of solar in Manitoba, using lessons learned from the Powersmart program and examples of successful alternative energy strategies elsewhere in the world.

The White Paper was provided to provincial government and Manitoba Hydro officials last month.

For more information, contact:

Alex Stuart, COO & Co Founder, Sycamore Energy Inc.


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